Hi I’m Summer and welcome to Days of Summer!

Subconsciously my blog began back in 2014 at the end of my freshman year. I was in the midst of a big life transition and wanted to explore who I was, where I was going, and what I loved. It started with my Instagram 500daysof_summer and evolved into much more so 4 years later here we are.

A little over two years ago I tragically lost my mom and it rocked my world (you can read more about that story here). My mom was my biggest supporter and best friend. She would always say to me “Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to be you”. So this is me trusting myself and diving deeper into exploring what I set out to years ago.

Here are a few facts about me (so we don’t feel like complete strangers):

  • I’m denim obsessed and there’s no such thing as too much in my mind.

  • I consume coffee like its water & I’m always looking for the next best cup.

  • I’m a believer and follower of Jesus and thankful for the immense amount of grace I’m given daily.

  • I’m 24 and still working to finish my college degree and thats okay!

  • I have a Australian Labradoodle named Sebastian and he is the love of my life (you can see all the cute photos of him over on my instagram!)

  • I have loved fashion before I could even put together real sentences and it has consistently been what excites through the ups and downs over the years.

My hope for this blog is to cultivate authenticity, explore personal style, discover new places near and far, and try new things that push me to figure out daily more of who I am. I want to inspire women to embrace their most authentic selves and for us together to figure what it looks like for our lives to be an outward expression of what’s on the inside!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I'm always looking for more friends or someone to grab coffee with so feel free to introduce yourself!