Monday Mantras

It's that time again... You know what to do grab your morning cup & join me for some Monday motivation!

I love you, a latte.

Mondays begin and end with coffee. Need I say more? Lately, I can't stop getting an iced vanilla coconut milk latte from the cutest little spot in Davidson called The Pickled Peach. Tragically they are closed on Monday, but my hometown coffee shop makes a mean almond milk vanilla latte. If you ever find yourself in Davidson, you have to give these places a try! But take yourself and get your favorite coffee drink this morning, because your worth it & is there a better way to start your Monday morning?!

Netflix & binge

I’m changing the phrase we all know to the one we all do. And if you aren’t a binge watcher I am giving you a reason to be right now. Quantico. It will get you hooked & if you are anything like me, you’ll be halfway through season one before you even realize it. It was an impulsive choice the other night to just give my mind a distraction while I tried to fall asleep and then next thing I knew it was two am, and I couldn’t stop. If you like drama, romance, action and a little bit of a thrill... Do yourself a favor this week and take some time (or a lot of time) to get hooked on Quantico.

Currently Craving

I make it a habit of constantly perusing my favorite stores online, checking Who What Wear, scrolling through Like to Know it, and keeping a pulse on what is in for the current season. Yes, I know sometimes trends can be overrated, but y’all I need some velvet in my life. It slowly started to make it’s come back last year and is in full force for fall. I have linked some of my favorite velvet pieces below so you can jump on the train with me!

Throw confetti & find a reason to celebrate

I’m going to get candid for a moment because I’ve promised to keep things real. If you’ve read my story or about page you know the past year or so has been heavy with grief and with grief comes depression. There are a ton of days where nothing feels worth celebrating, there are days where I feel somewhat like myself, and there are days that go by like a breeze. Then there are the days that are a combination of all three of those things. Last week I was accepted for the 3rd time (woohoo) to University of Tennessee Chattanooga, and that means a fresh start & new beginnings. I’ve found having something to be excited about or to look forward to, big or small, is so important! So I’m celebrating my relocation in 3 short months… what are you celebrating?

I hope you feel motivated & ready to take this Monday on like a boss! I would love to see if you took one of these mantras to heart this week, so share it with me on social media using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM! 

XO Sum