Monday Mantras

Good morning Friends! Okay, I will be honest I am dragging this morning, and even more, I am multitasking like it’s no one's business. No joke. I have my coffee brewing, I'm sitting at my kitchen counter typing this, and I'm attempting to straighten my hair at the same time. Truthfully, I am way more on top of this post (as I should be because it's predictable) and I get most of the heavy lifting done on Sunday night than just add the final touches Monday morning, but today that is not the case. So like I said last week I am 100% on that Monday struggle bus with y'all! And if you do not teach me your ways. ANYWAYS, here’s that motivation to get us through the week!

A Good Playlist is Everything

Good music makes all the difference. I swear by this, and personally, I think I do a great job at making a killer Spotify playlist and way back when I could burn a mean mix tape. But with all that said I didn't create this playlist, and it's my new jam. This summer I got hooked on The Bold Type, a show on freeform about three best friends working at a magazine, and the first thing I noticed was the music in the show was so good. So naturally, I looked up to see if the playlist was on Spotify. Thankfully it was and y'all it's the perfect mix of songs that get you in your feels to songs that just make you wanna dance. If you have to make a commute as part of your day or are just looking for good music, you should listen to this playlist!

Currently Craving

Okay, so my life is about to be travel crazy for the next three weeks. On Thursday I am headed to California to see my family, and then I am home the following week for about 24 hours before I am off to New York to visit my best friend. I have yet to master the look cute yet comfy travel look, and that's why I'm currently craving stylish travel clothes. I want like the coziest joggers that don't make me look like I just rolled out of bed... is that too much to ask?! But there is something to be said for this whole athleisure moment the fashion world is having. I am a huge fan, and I think y'all should be too. This mantra is more an ask for suggestions, but with that said what are y'all currently craving? Because I would love to help you out! And if its comfy travel clothes like me I have linked some pieces that are in my online shopping bag below!


Miley Cyrus said it best loves. Every once in awhile we need a girls night out or even a girls day out. On Saturday three of my gals and I went out for Japanese food (because second to tacos it's always the move) and drinks. Until I got home that night, I didn't realize how much I needed it. There is something about being with your girls that just makes everything a little better whether you are talking about nothing or the real stuff afterward you just feel refreshed. Today I am off to Asheville with my friend Taylor, and I am so excited. This week gather your girls and do something together because it's fun and also you deserve it!

Petite Joys 

I have started thinking about this a lot lately, and I don't want to sound like some flowery person who finds the good in the bad because I'm not and a lot of times I think that's total BS. But with that said I do believe there are little things that make me happy or even help on a hard day. Most days for me it's just getting out of bed and having my morning routine of taking Ellie out, making a smoothie and brewing coffee! It could also be treating yourself to Starbucks or admiring the changing leaves! Honestly, it could be whatever, but let's make a pact this week to notice the little things that we love and make us slow for a second!

Well that is everything my dears! I am off to finish getting ready for a girls day out in Asheville, but as always I hope these little things give you a little inspiration (or a lot) for your week ahead! Cheers to waking up on a Monday and that perfect cup of coffee that gets us going!

Don't forget if you find a way to incorporate one of these into your week to share using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM! And if you have travel clothes recs send them to my inbox!

XO Sum