Maman NYC

Here it is my first detailed post on my coffee adventures. As I hit the places on my map, I’ll be telling you about my experience in hopes you can find that perfect cup in whatever city you find yourself. I’m always open to suggestions or new places to add so never hesitate to tell me!

On my most recent trip to New York, I made it a priority to hit as many coffee shops as possible without experiencing a caffeine overdose because let’s be honest no one orders decaf. A friend of mine visited the city a few months ago and told me about Maman, a cute little coffee shop with the most instagrammable cups so you know I was there.

It’s hard to find a coffee shop in the city that gives you that cozy I’m going to sit here and work on my laptop all day kind of feel. Most of them operate on the rush of you go in, know exactly what you want and your out. And while I love this about the rest of the New York I still need my time sitting in an aesthetically pleasing place and drinking coffee as I pretend to be doing work, but I’m honestly probably just online shopping. Maman was that place. Even though the front of the house was small tucked back down a narrow hallway was the cutest sitting area.

Not only am I sucker for great coffee, but also great interiors. The inside was crisp, white and had “maman” blue accents here and there. Also not to mention this incredible white and blue wallpaper that matched the cups. I decided to branch out from my usual iced vanilla almond milk latte or the classic cold brew with room to have a matcha latte. While it wasn’t bad, it definitely wasn’t my favorite, but this wouldn’t stop me from going back.

So here’s the thing a coffee shop in the heart of New York City inspired by the south of France that has a fab sitting area which encourages you to slow down a bit is a winner on my coffee bucket list. You can expect to see me there next time I’m in the city!

Cheers to finding the perfect cup! 

XO Sum