Monday Mantras

Every week I’ll kick things off with sharing some "mantras" that will go along with anything from my latest obsessions to a new recipe I tried to what I’m listening to or where I’m finding my motivation for the week. It will just be a mix of whatever pops into my mind over that morning cup of coffee & my hope is it sparks inspiration for you going into the week! 

So let's kick off the very first Monday Mantras...

Queue the Tears

On Friday this baby became a reality, and there are no words for how thankful I am. You guys showered me with love + encouragement, so the very first thing I want to say to you on this Monday is THANK YOU. All of you rock & I’m looking forward to growing + being real with you guys on this journey. This blog is just as much as y’all as it is me so please head on over to the contact page or scroll down to the comments section and introduce yourself! Let's be friends <3


Are you in need of a little retail therapy OR you are just looking for a reason to treat yourself? As you’ll quickly learn there are very few things I love more than shopping and finding a good deal gives me a rush of adrenaline. That’s why I can’t get enough of Zara’s special prices link. Two months ago I discovered this existed and wondered why such a beautiful thing had been kept a secret from me for so long. Instead of having your typical “sale” link, true to Zara’s brand they do it a little different by having an ever-changing small collection of current items with a major price cut. I treated myself to a millennial pink suede effect jacket for only $39.99 last week, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Find yourself something that will make you feel like a queen this week (even if you don't need it)!

rebel without a cause

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You belong among the wildflowers 

A week ago we lost a legend, Tom Petty, and he has a soft spot in my heart. My parents had this tradition that when my siblings and I were born, we would each receive a song… mine was Wildflower by Tom Petty. In my moments of doubt, celebration, sadness, or just when I’m in need of a good reminder I play this song. It reminds me that I am like no one else which is a gift!!!) and I belong somewhere I feel free. I’m guessing this was my parent's hope & they would be pleased to know it’s working. Miley Cyrus covered it beautifully on Jimmy Fallon giving me all the feels. Take a listen & soak in this goodness. 

Falling for Fall 

It’s official we are in the thick of Fall even if it’s still 80 with 74% humidity here in Davidson, North Carolina. Fall has a way of making it feel like we get a fresh start and bonus it’s SWEATER SEASON also if you’re a pumpkin flavored things fan there’s that too. Go check out my fall Pinterest board to inspire all your autumn related activities and wardrobe for the next two months! 

Here's to shaking off those Monday blues & starting this week off right!

XO Sum