Days of Summer's Story

Hi, I’m Summer & I’m going to tell you my story & how I ended up here.

For the summarized, spark notes version you can head over to my about page, but I’m all about going below the surface because that’s where the good stuff is found. So here it is – the most real version of me you can get through a computer screen:

For as long as I can remember I have loved fashion – my mom used to tell me when I was only three that I would put on six outfits a day depending on my mood. I think before I could even put it into words I used clothes as a way to express myself and getting dressed was my creative outlet. My mom was amazing at encouraging my three siblings and me to pursue what we loved. For me, that always seemed to land somewhere in the realm of arts, from once upon a time trying to be a kid actor, to the next Claude Monet, to Anna Wintour’s prodigy. But as a grew up my story became like a lot of peoples: I fell victim to believing that a career in fashion would leave me with a million doors slammed in my face, broke and starved. So I pushed that part of me down – my sketchbook gathered dust, and my wardrobe lost its sense of me. I lost my creative voice. I think now I can see more clearly how much this affected some of the choices I made, like where I decided to attend my freshman year of college, which blew up in my face, and it left me aimless & empty... but I continued to move forward.

I don’t want to be super cynical and say it was for nothing. As a believer, I trust that God was writing my story to grow me and he was taking those parts of me that were broken and shaped them to become a more clear image of who he created me to be (and this process is far from over). And then the thing you never dream of happening: my real life nightmare became my reality.

A year and a half ago it was like any other day, and my mom was struck by a garbage truck crossing the street in my quaint, little town that had always felt like a safe haven in this crazy world. I had lost my best friend, my life coach, biggest cheerleader & the one person who is hardwired to know you in and out and love you to the ends of the earth. In a matter of minutes, everything went dark but also became as clear as day. 

I knew that I wanted to change the path I was on and that I wanted to live my life the way my mom did – with reckless abandonment, a taste for adventure, a heart to love beyond capacity, and constantly in pursuit of what makes your heart soar.

It has taken a year of grief, depression, crippling anxiety, rebellious choices, Netflix binges and people fighting for me to end up here – pursuing my dreams (and I want it to be clear that I know that I am a long way from being in the clear of all those things and that it’s still a battle I face daily). Trusting that my love for making things look pretty isn’t silly. That the adrenaline rush I get from going to the mall or looking at a beautifully laid out magazine is a unique gift that I have been given and it’s worth fighting for. So I’m making my dream of launching Days of Summer a reality, and I hope that it will be a place that inspires you to pursue your most authentic self along side of me through fashion, travel, lifestyle, wellness, and my love of coffee plus all the in between.

I’m so happy you stopped by & I hope you join me on this journey!