Travel Diary: Baja California Sur

I am the type of person that escapes reality at any chance I get. So when my brother and sister in law invited me to Baja for my adorable niece’s, Beatrix, first birthday for Labor Day weekend I could not resist even though it meant missing the first week of classes (which at the time mattered because that was before I dropped out, but that’s another story for another time). This was probably why it was so appealing to me, and I had never been to Mexico, but mostly that I would be getting time with my two favorite people in the world- Beatrix and my nephew, Lennox.

The trip was off to a rocky start. Baja was expected to be hit by Hurricane Katia, which meant we needed to push back our trip by a few days, but on the plus side, this meant more reality escaping for me and a Disney day! Baja was a dream. I think going right after a hurricane greatly impacted my experience, but I wouldn’t trade it. Let me take you along as I share some of my favorite moments from the trip!

The Glass Bottom Boat Ride

My sister in Law grew up going to Baja/Cabot San Lucas and has been taking my brother there ever since they met, so they have all of their favorite spots to hit while they are there, but Katia did some serious damage, so we were left doing the classic touristy thing- a glass bottom boat ride. And y’all I loved every minute of it. Our captain took us out and shared all of the fun fact about the surrounding area. We also got to ride with a group from Texas who was looking for a good time and danced to Daddy Yankee for the entirety of the ride. They were serious goals. But in all seriousness, it was the coolest thing getting to see where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet and I was in awe of its beauty. Bonus we also got to see the Marinas token seal, Poncho, jumps on the back of a boat in hope to be fed some fish.

Todos Santos

This little town was the coolest. It’s a little art and surf community tucked away and full of hidden gems. And it’s home to perhaps my favorite coffee shop I have ever been to and for me to even utter those words is kinda a big deal. Baja Beans is off a dirt road and is a beautiful hole in the wall of a place, but has some of the best coffee I have ever had. They roast their beans, and the simplicity of the coffee bag chairs and the cover of mango trees is just something you don’t find anywhere else. If you love coffee like me stay in Todos Santos so that you can frequent Baja Beans on your vacation.  

Hotel Buena Vista

This makes the list, because of what it means to my brother and his wife. My sister in law, Gayle, had been coming here since she was about two because it was her late grandpa's favorite place. He would come down for extended periods of time to stay and fish. I had only ever heard stories from my family, but getting to see with my own eyes was really special. The staff was so generous and kind. Gayle brought a suitcase of old baby clothes, toys, shoes and a couple of adult hats that she didn’t need anymore to give back to the place that had given her so much. This was the highlight of my trip- watching the staff get to take home new things for there families, seeing big boat captains light up when they got a new chargers hat and being overwhelmed by the immense gratitude they had for what to us seems so small. It brought tears to my eyes and is a moment in time I will always reply in my mind. I just want to give a huge shout out to my sister in law for her kind hear & letting me get to be apart of something that has been the integral in shaping her.

Flora Farms

Okay if you ever plan a trip to Baja this place is a MUST. It was everything this boujee gal could imagine. Also, did I mention it’s where Adam Levine got married and celebs like George Clooney frequent there often. Flora Farms is a compound of sorts with a gourmet farm to table restaurant with the best cocktails ever, dogs roaming the property, pop up shops, a bed in breakfast (which is now on my must go to list), and lots of gardens and farmland. The pictures don’t do it justice, but I recommend carving out an afternoon to explore this place, have one too many cocktails and ordering the burrata. You won’t regret it I promise- we went twice because we loved it that much if that tells you anything.

If you have a question about specifics on my trip please comment below or if you have recommendations for my next trip to Baja let me know! I would love to hear from y’all!

XO Sum


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