Travel Diary: Iceland

I distinctly remember the day Iceland became #1 on my bucket list. As corny as it sounds I remember watching Justin Beiber’s “I’ll Show You” music video with my friends and thinking I have to go there. I have to see this place with my own eyes.  My mom was traveling’s biggest advocate and believed it was the best way you could love yourself. So last spring when I decided that a semester off of school would be best to help me grieve and cope with my depression I knew that I wanted to take one big trip for myself & my mom. In my head the only answer to “where to?” was Iceland. And let me tell you I have the greatest friends in the world because they didn’t question my crazy ask of “wanna play hooky from life and jet set to Iceland for 4 days so I can mark #1 off my bucket list?” they just said YES. It was the best & I cried when we touched down. I’m going share all the details of the craziest, dreamiest trip I have taken to date:

Day 1

Surprisingly getting to Iceland was pretty easy. If you aren’t scared of a little risk, I recommend checking out WOW air, because our tickets were $300 round trip and bonus the plane was purple. We decided to stay in the capital city of Reykjavik with Airbnb (my personal preference for when it comes to traveling). Iceland is like nothing you have ever seen I can promise you that. The hike we decided to take that day proved that. We hiked for about an hour and a half to the “hot river” also known as Reykjadalur, which is literally a hot spring river that is between massive mountains where people just get in an relax. It was pretty dreamy. Something to know about Iceland is the weather changes in a matter of minutes and then back again. So on our hike, we experienced sun, crazy wind, rain and even what seemed like a tiny blizzard.

Day 2

We decided to explore the city. We climbed to the top (well took an elevator ¾ of the way) Hallgrímskirkja, a church that gives you the most breathtaking view of the city. Then we got some of the best fries of my life, explored a concert hall and wondered through a sculpture garden. Reykjavik is full of beautiful architecture and art, which was probably my favorite part. Every corner you turned there was graffiti or something that evoked a sense of creativity. We also managed to lock ourselves out of our place this day and then choreographed a dance for the maids who were kind enough to come back and let us in.

Day 3

We did the Golden Circle, which is a road that takes you around to all the most beautiful sites in Iceland. My favorite part of this day was pulling over to pet wild horses. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t usually like horses, but this was hands down the most magical thing, and all I could think was my mom would love this. Other parts of this day included massive waterfalls, a giant geyser, an abandoned plane (which seriously brought back all the memories of Lost where are my jack fans at?!), black beaches, and wind that you thought was going to blow you over. I mean y’all as I type these words it doesn’t even feel real, and that’s what was beautiful about it.

Day 4

Our last day we went to the Blue Lagoon, which I have to say is a must. Unfortunately, with the unpredictable weather that comes with Iceland, it was a rainy and windy day so that put a little damper on the experience, but it was still unreal so I can only imagine what it would be like on a clear day. They make you shower sans everything (even your bathing suit) before getting in and recommend coating your hair in their conditioner. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT; like I could not stress this enough. And even then I wouldn’t recommend getting your hair wet because your hair will feel dry and hard and it sucks, but if you love luxury and are secretly boujee like me you’ll love the Blue Lagoon. The crystal blue water and black rocks plus the complimentary facemask is everything this girl could dream for. I am already planning my trip back.

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This trip exceeded my expectations and the thrill of crossing the top thing off your bucket list with people who are willing to fight for goodness & adventure with you in the midst of a hard season is a thrilling experience. It is one I will hold dear to my heart forever.

If you have a question about specifics on my trip please comment below or if you have a great bucket list story I would love to hear!

XO Sum


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