Friday Roundup

Hey loves! This week I'm introducing a new weekly segment where I'll be kicking off the weekend by sharing a roundup of all my favorite things from the week!

It will be things like a recent beauty purchase, new recipe to try, funny video or stuff I'm adding to my shopping cart or anything in between! I've found that this types of post help me with being more consistent with you all and from the survey that was one of the major things y'all asked for- so here it is my first weekly roundup!

1) Platform everything

I'm a 90's girl at heart. I mean give me the overalls, wide cropped jeans, chokers, hoop earrings, scrunchies, and platform shoes. Also, Alicia Silverstone's hair in clueless when she is daydreaming in class is everything. I vividly remember watching it as a girl and wanting to be exactly like Cher. The 90's trend that I've been obsessing over this week though is my love for platform shoes. Look I know its debatable if those Steve Madden black slide on's were every fashionably acceptable, but I land on the side of the argument that they were and still are. As we are transitioning into spring, that means lots more opportunities for fun sneakers (my favorite) and sandals. This week I finally broke (thanks to my roommate who in regards to my shopping addiction may be considered a bad influence, but I love it) and got the Superga 2790 acotw platform sneakers! I originally ordered them in this perfectly neutral gray, but it was a sign when they came and didn't fit that I was actually meant to get them in the millennial pink because pink can be neutral right? Basically, these shoes were the highlight of my online shopping endeavors this week and I'm sharing some of my other favorite platform shoes picks below that if your a 90's girl like me you need to add to your closet! 

2) The Perfect Weekday Wine

I thank my dad for my wine education. He is what you would say is a wine snob, and because of that, I have him to thank for the fact I exceed my wine budget monthly. He introduced to me some of my very favorite wines, but they all fall in that 16 and up price range which when you are living on a budget isn't gonna leave you happy when you dare check your bank app. So since I've been in Chattanooga, I've been searching for the perfect wine that falls in the 10 and under a category or as my dad calls it when he isn't a wine snob- the ideal weekday wine. I already shared with y'all one of my finds in a Monday mantra that's a great Malbec right at 10 dollars, but y'all rejoice because I found an even cheaper + better Malbec! After having this wine at a happy hour and loving it, I decided to look it up. My first thought was that the markup was absurd, but my second thought was if I can get a bottle of wine that good for 7.99 a bottle my life is forever changed. So head to the store and grab yourself a bottle of the 2016 Alamos Malbec for a Friday made right with a great wine at an even better price!  

3) Long Walks with Penny

Despite the last two days bringing us 3.5 inches of rain here in Chattanooga before that, we had the most beautiful weather, and I think the rain is behind us at least for now. My roommates have the sweetest Boykin Spaniel puppy named Penny who I love so much I also claim her as mine. My roommate and I have been trying to be good about getting out and taking Penny on long walks and y'all let me tell you it seriously changes how I feel about my day. I know people have always told me it's important to get out and get that vitamin D plus your heart rate up, but it hasn't been till lately that I realized how much I needed it. Also, I hadn't realized how much I missed dog walking since my families business closed, so it's so fun to get to do it again! Basically, this part of the roundup is to say find yourself a cute puppy or a friend or both and go for a long walk + get some fresh air. 

4) Kristin Ess Haircare Line

Mic drop, because Target knows how to score a fantastic collab. From their line with WhoWhatWear to Chip & JoJo's home collection, they have only contributed to my target addiction. And this haircare line is seriously no different. Kristin Ess is known for her work she does with celebrities like Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad and you can always find her on Brad Gorgreskis snapchat stories. A couple of weeks ago on Monday Mantras I talked about how I was searching for the perfect dry shampoo, and in my search I learned I am super picky, but y'all I have found the ONE. Her dry shampoo not only smells amazing but doesn't leave your hair with that powdery feel or make it feel super weighed down. Also, I started trying her gentle shampoo and its the bomb. My hair feels so light, clean and it's noticeably softer + shinier (in a good way!). She also has a purple shampoo & conditioner for blondes that I really want to try! I could go on forever about how I love these products, but what you need to know is there is something for everybody, and it's such a reasonable price point! I will definitely give them a try if you are in the market for new hair products. 

5) The week in Memes

Just for fun as I wrap up the very first Friday roundup, I'll share with y'all my favorite memes of the week, because if you know me, I love a good meme. Like if I'm on facebook and I see a funny one that one of my friends tagged someone else in I honestly get offended because like why didn't you think of me? I mean that's all I'm saying. So here's the best of the week, so you don't feel left out and we can enjoy their greatness together! 

Cheers to the weekend! And happy Friday- we made it! 

XO Sum