Friday Roundup

Hey friends! Sorry, I went MIA the last week- I've just begun to accept that when I'm on vacation especially with my niece and nephew getting a blog post up isn't going to happen. Unless I was a planner, but if this isn't your first time to the blog you know that I am most definitely not. With all that said though I enjoyed getting to be present and soaking up the sweetness of my two favorite humans. I never knew being an aunt (or as they like to call me Uncle... don't ask me why) would be such a joy. If you want a little slice of that joy in your life today, you can head on over to my Instagram page and watch my story highlights of the munchkins.

I'm excited about the second Friday roundup especially since I've been thinking about it for the last two weeks so I've gathered up a lot of favorites to share with y'all so let's kick Friday off with a new staple for your wardrobe, the perfect dup recipe and more! 

Make it Personal

I'm so excited to announce I am officially a Pop & Suki ambassador. From the moment the pop and suki brand graced my Instagram feed I was sold. I mean they have taken my favorite millennial pink and other pretty pastel colors and created the perfect line of simple + chic accessories. I also love anything that can be personalized so immediately I knew I need one of their bags. Since their launch, they have continued to expand their product line, and I just added the phone case to my cart. There are so many reasons I could tell you why I love their products, but I've picked my top three. The first I already shared with you is that you can personalize your favorite accessories and not in a way that is cheesy. I am from the south, so I am used to seeing monogram everything, which don't get me wrong I have nothing against, but it never felt like monograms went with my personal style. Now my Pop & Suki bag has let me put my name on it in a way that still feels like me! The second reason I love it is that my bag is so versatile. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and they sell other straps so that I can turn it into a backpack, fanny pack, clutch, etc. And lastly, the reason you need one is despite its petite size it holds everything you need for your daytime errands to a night out with the girls! So come on and shop with me so that you can go check out their products and find something literally just for you! 

Whole Food's Cornbread

For the most part, I try to be gluten-free, but because I am not celiac and just have an intolerance to it I have the things that I think are worth cheating for. One of those things being Whole Foods cornbread. My roomie (who I feel like especially when it comes to Friday roundup's all of you will learn she has introduced me to all the best things) showed me their cornbread a couple of years ago and ever since its a priority that when I am perusing whole foods, I always check for their cornbread. If you aren't a cornbread person, I can almost guarantee this one will and if you are you are about to discover the best cornbread around. A couple of guidelines though always check to see when it was made because the fresher, the better and ALWAYS check the bottom to make sure it's not brown. Also, I like to do a little squish test to make sure it won't be super crumbly. Look right now you might be thinking all of this is a bit extra for cornbread and honestly you're right, but this cornbread is worth being extra for 


It's no secret I am a fan of Glossier products. Just like Pop & Suki I have been a fan from the beginning. I am always drawn to brands that are trying to switch things up and want to do something different, which is precisely what Glossier continues to do. My everyday makeup routine consist of mostly their products and I love that they don't try and cover up my face, but highlight what I have already been given to work with. Two weeks ago when they dropped their newest product Lidstar, it was a serious mic drop. I have always been a fan of liquid eyeshadows and love a little sparkle! I am waiting for my two shades to come in the mail so that I can give them a try and I have a feeling like the rest of my products from them they won't disappoint! If you're like me and don't want the hassle of a drawn-out makeup routine, but still love feeling girly you need to head over and add these to your cart right now! You can even do a duo of two shades which will save you some money (and y'all these days I'm looking to budget wherever I can). 

Lip Dub

My roomie has never seen The Office so her husband and I have decided we wouldn't be good people slash loyal friends if we didn't rewatch it from the start with her. Each night when we sit down to watch something it only feels right that we watch The Office because it's the perfect mind break and never fails to make us laugh (even if you've seen it a million times). Some Fridays we need a pick me up, and this was my favorite video from a couple of weeks ago and new it needed it be shared on Friday roundup. So feats your eyes y'all the famous Office Lip Dub. 

I'm only back in Davidson/Charlotte for a day and some so I'm off to get my hair down and catch up with all my people! I also can barely keep my eyes open from the 3 hours I got to sleep last night in seat 6E on the redeye back from California... I tell myself it's worth it to have that extra day, but right now my body hates me. I hope y'all found something good in this week's roundup and I'll see you back here on Monday for mantras my loves!

XO Sum