Friday Roundup

I'm back y'all!

I hope you have been having a good two weeks and are happy to welcome the weekend as much as I am! ALSO it's Masters weekend and a lot of people don't know this about me, but I LOVE watching the Masters and look forward to it all year.

In other news I took a little two week hiatus, but I'm excited to be back and have spent lots of time gathering all the great things to roundup for y'all this week! I probably have spent too many hours online shopping seeing that I noticed myself getting mad at websites for not having anything new (that's a problem I know), but as long as I'm not buying anything (only some things) it's okay right?! So on the topic of shopping I've got some great sales for y'all to fill your weekend up with and some other new favorites!

Here's to making it to Friday & my return roundup... I think it's a good one! 

First Things First, My One True Love, Jimmy Fallon

If you know me you know I love to watch Tonight Show clips in my free time and I also think that Jimmy Fallon is the greatest thing ever and he does no wrong and I love him lots. My roomie knowing this about me showed me a video of baby Jimmy in his prime and y'all it is everything. So here's to starting Friday off with a laugh... 

Sales, Sales, Sales, and More Sales! 

I think we have officially entered into spring even if parts of the country are still covered in snow (I am deeply sorry), but that means all the best stores are helping you get your spring wardrobe ready. Whether you are just looking to treat yourself or you need to replace some of those items you hastily threw out in the midst of spring cleaning this weekend is your weekend. Some of my favorites are rocking killer sales all weekend long. Anthropologie is having an additional 40 percent off their sale and 20 percent off home items. I've found a few gems in the sale and I can always justify buying a new candle slash mug slash trinket dish (anyone else?!). Madewell is having 20 percent off your entire purchase and 30 percent off if you spend 200 or more! If you don't think you can hit that number my trick is to combine carts with a friend! Some other sales I'll be checking out and you should too are Urban Outiftters, Gap, Shopbop, Nordstrom, Gilt and Bloomingdales! Happy shopping loves! 

Just a few of my picks from Anthro + Madewell to get you started!

My Current Makeup Must-have

I think having a great concealer is important in everyone's beauty routine especially if you're like me and stay up too late binge watching TV. Recently I was given a complimentary BAREMINERALS BAREPRO 16-Hr Full Coverage Concealer from Influenster for testing purposes! I was skeptical at first because lasting 16 hours is a big claim to make, but with each use I fall more in love. It's the perfect creamy formula and is in stick form so it's seriously easy to use. I still stand by my Cle De Peau for blemishes, but this stuff is a dream for undereyes and anywhere you need some color correction! My only recommendation would to make sure you use some setting powder on top!  It comes at a great price point & I will be restocking for sure. If you have been looking for a concealer give this one a try!

PUPPIES on the Brain

Y'all this week was one for the books because I was one step closer in getting to bring my puppy home! If you know anything about the puppy/breeder process you know sometimes you can be waiting for a puppy that hasn't even been conceived yet (weird I know!) and that has been the case for me. But as weird and odd as it sounds this week I got the news that my babies mom is pregnant! There will be more info soon, but for now just get excited for all the Australian Labradoodle puppy pics that will soon grace your feeds! Since my brain has been on "said" baby all week I'm sharing my favorite Instragram puppy accounts you need to be following! 

That last one is in honor of Penny Cha (my roomies dog) because of her I have a new found love for Boykin Spaniels and this little guy is the cutest!

That's all the favorites I got for this Friday Roundup, but if you're dying for more you can always go back and check out the other ones you might have missed. I'm off to catch up on the Masters, take a stats quiz (the unglamorous life of a 23 year old college student) and catch Penny doing her weird trick! Happy weekend-ing friends!

XO Sum