Friday Roundup

Days of Summer Weekend


Let's kick it off with another Friday Roundup.

Hey loves! I am seriously so glad that it's finally Friday. Honestly, yesterday felt like such a tease and all day it felt like a Friday, but I also knew that I still had to get through one more day before it was the weekend. I hope y'all had a good week and got to be with the people you love this weekend doing the things you love! I've got a great Friday roundup (I mean maybe I'm biased, but I think this one is killer) for y'all as we kick off the weekend! Also, I'm starting with that cocktail recipe I promised you forever ago so that you can start Friday off right- you're welcome. 

Okay, cheers to the weekend, let's get going! 

Tequila cocktail on a budget

I have zero shame in admitting I love tequila. Honestly, when it comes to any other kind of hard alcohol, I could pass, but I am a sucker for a good margarita or really anything that has tequila in it. My roomie and I went through a phase where we wanted to have a cocktail every night instead of our usual glass of red wine so that's what led us to come up with seriously what I think is the best tequila drink you can make on a budget. Awhile ago she found this blood-orange-fizz tequila cocktail recipe, but it took a lot of work and just seemed a bit extra for any old weeknight. First, we tried just blood orange San Pelligrino and tequila with a little lime, but that didn't taste right, and no one wants to keep buying San Pelligrino when it's not on sale sooooo we switched to the wholefoods Italian sodas. And that's how we landed on this recipe! You're welcome in advance. 


  • Tequila (any kind, I love Casamigos)

  • Fresh Limes (2 ish)

  • Whole Foods sparking Italian soda- Lemonade and Blood Orange


  • Pour 2 oz of Tequila into a shaker

  • Add equal parts lemonade and blood orange soda (tbh I just guesstimate... if you want it strong use less and vice versa)

  • Shake together

  • Pour over ice in a cocktail glass

  • Squeeze that first fresh lime to finish it off

  • Cut the second time to add a garnish


20% off All Beauty at Urban

Weekly urban has started doing what they call the deal of the day, and this week its one you don't want to pass up. If you're anything like me your list of beauty products you want to try or things you need is forever growing. I'm not talking about excessive amounts of makeup or anything like that, but I think part of being a lifestyle blogger is that I always hear about new brands I want to try and test out (honestly have always been this why which is why I am not a lifestyle blogger). Urban Outfitters carries so many great brands and anything that is 20 percent off or more is a great sale! I've shared my top picks below from practical things to stock up on to something new + fun to try! 

Shawn Mendes New Song(s)
Don't even judge- Shawn Mendes is everything and is s talented. From day one I have loved "stitches" and it is always my number one road trip go to song. Another reason to be Shawn's biggest fan is that John Mayer is his mentor so yeah I'll just leave it at that. This week he released two new songs that I have on repeat. The first "In My Blood" is a ballad that gets you in your feels and the second, which dropped today, "Lost in Japan" is the perfect song for the weekend. Do yourself a favor and add these to your latest playlist and I promise you'll have them on repeat all weekend.

Nordstrom Triple Points Day

Y'all know I love Nordstrom. If I'm completely transparent and having zero shame about my extra-ness the only downfall to living in Chattanooga has been how far I have been from a Nordstrom. But none the less I can still online shop, and they always get things to you quickly with free shipping and free returns! Last year I became a Nordstrom rewards member and had no idea why I waited so long. You don't have to get a credit card or anything like that you literally just sign up and start earning points for every dollar you spend. Every 2,000 points you earn you get 20 dollars to Nordstrom to spend on WHATEVER. So basically first things first go sign up for Nordstrom rewards and then second take advantage of their triple points days until the 25th, because y'all getting that Nordstrom note is equally as great as the feeling you get when it's Friday. 

Spring is Here, Sorta

This week marked the first days of springs, and despite the moody weather we are starting to have some sunnier days- PTL. I love the sunshine and 70-degree weather, which I think most people do. But another thing I love about spring is that it means you can put those sweaters away and start buying more "springy" things! I feel like spring and fall are when I use the most in my wardrobe because I don't feel so limited. Lot's of stores are having sales to kick of the first days of spring, and you should definitely take advantage of the one at Madewell because I got 25% off my jeans which never happens. I've had a lot of fun this week looking at all the new fun spring clothes, and I'm sharing with y'all my top picks to get you into the spring-y spirit! P.S I had a lot of fun with this and could have kept going, but I stopped myself. 

That's all of it y'all! I'm off to soak up the weekend and the sun finally being out! Don't forget to share on social media by tagging me or using the hashtag #daysofsummerblog :) See you back here Monday or maybe sooner! Have the best weekend loves! 

XO Sum