Last Minute Gift Ideas

Happy evening Friends! After my little adventure at the mall yesterday I realized that there is a reason Amazon exists and PRAISES for that! There's a reason I was at the mall yesterday, and that's because the procrastinator in me left some of my gifts buying to the last minute. And I know I'm not the only one out there who finds themselves scrambling around at the very last second every year, but I'm about to give you a major gift (you can thank me later)! Now with Amazon prime us procrastinators can wait all the way up until three days before Christmas to get all the gifts we need, but I don't necessarily recommend that (unless for some reason you really need to feel like a rebel than more power to ya). I've hunted through all of the last minute prime deals to give you the perfect list of gifts for all the gals in your life! This year no gift or person is getting left behind. 

1. Books 2. Chemex 3. Recipe Box 4. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 5. Body Polish 6. Chill Pill Pin 7. Carry on Cocktail 8. Dry Shampoo 9. Polaroid 10. Kate Spade Tumbler 11. Water Bottle 12. Beats Headphones 13. Almost Adulting Book 14. Paddywax Candle 15. Daniel Wellington Watch

I hope you find something for the person's name you've still got to check off your list and don't worry your secret of being a procrastinator is safe with me! If you have any other places that are perfect for grabbing those last minute gifts I'd love for you to comment below. 

XO Sum