Monday Mantras

Good afternoon, loves! Sorry, I'm moving slowly this morning. I'm on west coast time, so it's still only 9 am over here, but let's not delay any longer. Heres your Monday motivation:

P.S if you make it all the way to the bottom there is a treat for you!

Family Time is the Best Time

This past weekend plus currently I've been with my brother and his fam in California. The reality of ‘life is short' really hits home for me so any chance I get I love getting to be with my niece and nephew. This weekend was extra special because we headed to Joshua Tree for some adventure and a family photo shoot. After time with my them I feel refreshed and so thankful. Yes, most Monday's coffee is the key to survival, but there is something about being with the ones you love that is life-giving. So be with the people you love—I promise you won't regret it.

There’s an App for that

I'm always looking for ways to up my productivity, which often means 'pinteresting' and googling ways to be more productive—counter productive maybe, efficient yes.  Last week I discovered the best App ever via Brighton Keller (one of my favorite bloggers). It's called IFTTT and basically, what it does is combine your apps to create a new experience or make you productive in a way you didn't even realize you needed to be. For instance, I created an "applet" to put the weather for the next day in my Google calendar every night at 6 pm.  Honestly, you name it, and this service has thought it up for you so go sign up & let's have a more productive week!

Follow Monday

I know I'm three day's late and it's supposed to follow Friday, but Y'all I have discovered the world's greatest Instagram account. My brother and his wife introduced me to @Pamlovesferrariboys. Imagine your favorite dog account combined with your favorite funny account, and that's exactly what @pamlovesferrariboys is. I'm serious when I say I just spent an hour last night scrolling through and laughing. Also, who doesn't love a good dog account + laugh? Do yourself a favor and making lighten up your Monday with a good laugh by hitting Pam with that follow.

But First Coffee

Y'all know I'm addicted to coffee and on Monday's my coffee addiction is in full force. This Monday is no exception. As a huge THANK YOU for your patience with me for my grammar mistakes, delayed posting and being so supportive as I figure out this whole this whole blogging thing I'm treating y'all to my favorite-- go get yourself your favorite coffee today! None of this would be possible if you guys didn't continue to show up week after to week on Days of Summer and for that, I am forever thankful! Here's to a month of blogging, Mondays & coffee!

That's all on this morning! I'm off to go soak up time with my two favorite little humans! Don't forget if you put one of these mantras to use this week, share it on your social using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM 

XO Sum