Monday Mantras: NYC Edition

Good morning (but really afternoon), loves! I totally overslept today and was passed out for a solid 12 hours, but sometimes your body needs that! I’m currently in New York City visiting my best friend, and I also came for the Girl Boss Rally on Saturday. Y’all, it was epic and I can’t wait to share all that I soaked up! While I love the consistency of my weekly Monday Mantras, I thought I would switch it up a bit this week and make it a little different since I am in New York, after all!

‘Tis the Season

I love the holiday season and honestly, I love the time that leads up to Christmas more than the actual day itself since I get terrible anxiety the day-of, a lot like a 6-year-old kid does. Being in NYC with all of the holiday décor already on display has been amazing! On Thursday night, my friend Alex and I walked down to Bryant Park (one of my favorite spots in the whole city) and stumbled upon the winter village there--it was all set up for Christmas shopping, with pop up shops and an ice skating rink in the middle of all the shops, while Christmas music was playing. Like, y’all, does it get any better?! I know not all of you can be in the city, but seriously try to grab a friend and go do something that will get you in the holiday spirit this week, because I promise it will warm your heart! I have also shared my Christmas Pinterest board below so you can find some holiday inspiration! 

Take a Walk

If you have come to New York City, then you are no stranger to the amount of wandering the streets and walking everywhere that you’ll do when you’re here. If you have a fit bit/apple watch/etc., you get to sleep easy at night knowing that you will always exceed your daily goals here. Everyone being on foot is one of the many things I love about being here--walking always seems like the best option! Every time I come visit,  my friend Chandler and I talk about how we love just walking around and soaking it all in. I wish I walked more at home, so I am holding this feeling close and want to start walking to get my coffee in the morning (LOL, because it’s less than a 10 minute walk) and I’m challenging you to get out and take a walk this week to switch up our weeks or even better do it today to reboot your Monday!

Shop ‘til You Drop

Y’all know by now that I am no stranger to shopping ‘til I drop. BTW, is this capable from the comfort of your couch while on your laptop? (Asking for a friend.) On Friday, I did some in-store shopping in the city and it was the best. I mean, you can’t beat the shopping here and honestly, there is just something about being around beautiful clothes that makes me happier. I set out looking for the perfect shirt to wear to the Girl Boss Rally on Saturday, but ended up with a sweater dress from Madewell that actually will be perfect for the upcoming months! I have wanted a sweater dress for so long now, but it’s hard to find the right one with my curvier body. Madewell has some of the cutest new arrivals, so do yourself a favor today and go peruse their website (and let me know if shopping ‘til you drop is possible from home). You all also know that I firmly believe in treating yourself--like to the point where I think I should be the poster child--and shopping is always one of the ways I go about treating myself!

Explore more

New York feels like an endless place to explore. On Saturday at the GB Rally, they talked about how boredom leads to burnout and this has been one of the main points from the rally that I’ve been repeating in my head since. I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling over the last couple of months, and I have found that it ignites a curiosity and creativity in me that doesn’t exist when I’m at home in Davidson. When I’m in New York, it’s such a thrill that I’m surrounded by a ton of people--all who have different passions and destinations that they’re traveling to, yet we all are in “it” together. Whether it’s your local neighborhood, or the neighboring town, or maybe even a new city...think about going to explore somewhere new this week because I’ve found it’s SO good for the soul!

Happy Monday, friends! I have a lot of fun stuff coming up on the blog this week so stay tuned! And I hope this week Monday Mantras brings you some inspiration to get through the day. Don't forget to share on your social media using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM!

XO Sum