Monday Mantras

Hey friend! It's been a crazy and hectic Monday which is why you're getting this at 8 pm instead of 2 pm (whoops, my bad). Today has felt like I could use about six more coffees and then a big glass of red wine. For some reason, after last week I'm feeling the need to be reminded of some simple truths & some mantras that tell me it's okay just to be wherever I am and feel however and do whatever. So selfishly that's what I'm bringing you today (with some little extras)! Grab your evening treat & keep scrolling!

There is No Such Thing as Too Much #SelfLove

Sometimes I think we don't feel like we always deserve it. It being loving ourselves and reminding ourselves that we are valuable and important. I also think this idea of #selflove has turned into us thinking it has to be something profound or huge- or at least I know I get caught up in thinking this. But taking a moment each day for a little self-love is essential even if you've been a shitty person that day (which let's be honest we've all been there, and it's probably an extra sign you need to love on yourself so you can love on the people around you better). So on this "insert the adjective" Monday think of one way you can treat yourself and indulge in some #selflove. I got another coffee before work even though I'm like sorta kinda really low on funds right now because #SELFLOVE am I right?! Also here is a gallery for some inspiratio/reminders you can have when you start doubting your worth! 

Feeling All the Feels

I hate feeling all the feelings so it's usually a movie, book, tv show, or great video that will leave me in a puddle (zero shame). For example, the first time I watched LaLaLand with my roommate and friend I literally broke down into tears at the end- like the ending is sad (depending who you ask) but did not warrant my excessive feelings. But hey gotta do you. Anyways it was no exception when I was shown the video I was about to share with y'all last weekend- I think like 30 secs in if it weren't for my self-control I would have lost it. I love this video because 1) Kelly Clarkson is a badass and 2) because it's a beautiful picture of redemption and truth. I'm not doing this on purpose to make you cry just think it's worth watching and bonus if you shed a tear or two or extra bonus if you're like me and end up sobbing- it might just be the cathartic release you need after a long Monday. 

We're all Winners

Y'all to everyone who took the survey thank you! It was so helpful reading y'alls insights and gave more a clear direction of where to go! It also got me super excited and fired up about some content, so that's a double win for both of us! I wish everyone could be a winner, but for this, there is only one, and that person is MYKALA SMALLEY! You go girl (also p.s. I miss you). Even though not everyone won the survey giveaway today's last mantra is reminding you that you're always a winner (don't knock the cliché) and especially tonight because it's 8:15 on a Monday and you're still standing! I know after a long day even if it feels like I didn't accomplish anything reminding myself that I made it makes me feel better and reminds me of that simple truth I was talking about earlier! 

^ How we should all feel at the end of a Monday cause we made it 

I know I kept it short & sweet this week, but I hope you find ways to give yourself some #selflove and let me know if that video gets you as it got me! I'm off to watch the bachelor even though I already ready Reality Steve and know whats gonna happen I still love the drama #judgeme. See you back on the blog later this week!

XO Sum