Monday Mantras

Good afternoon lovelies! I'm struggling this Monday post-spring break, which I get in some ways is a luxury because I am still getting to spring break at 23, but entertain me and my need for four extra coffees today. I've been thinking hard about what is going to turn Monday around and after introducing "Friday Roundup" I want to focus less on products, but more on things that will genuinely help motivate you on Monday! I mean I'm not saying a little online shopping, and a new purchase doesn't make Monday better like I love shopping, but want to provide more practical things or things you can do that don't cost money! 

So grab that cup of coffee and let's prep ourselves to kill this week!

A Playlist that just Keeps Giving

I love music. Honestly, a good song in the morning can and often does set the tone for my entire day! After spending almost six hours in the car yesterday driving home to Chattanooga, I realized how much I love the playlists I have created, and each one can shape/affect my mood! So I got thinking, and every Monday I'm going to bring y'all a playlist of songs that will motivate you to get going and make the day feel a little less like that bad cold that won't go away. I'm currently jamming hard to these songs & I hope you do too! 

Find Your Glow

I am a huge fan of the FabFitFun box, and it took me a long time t pull the trigger on actually getting one, but after I did that first time I was hooked. Every other subscription box I have done has sent me small sample sized products, and that is why FabFitFun is different. In your box each season you get several full sized products, and on top of that, you can choose "add-ons" which are products they offer you at a significant discount! So anyways with all that said yesterday when I got home from vacation, my FabFitFun was waiting for me, and I forgot I had added to the Glamglow Youthmud TinglexfloiateI Treatment. After I have been traveling, I feel like my skin is craving a major detox and especially after I have been to California! Literally, the only downside to visiting there is the dry air and water does not agree with my skin. So last night post shower I slathered on my new Glamglow masks and just like all of their other masks I have tried it did not disappoint. And it actually might be my new favorite. Warning it will definitely give your skin a tingling feeling and will get super tight, but after I took it off my skin felt so fresh, clean and was seriously glowing! Also, I know that a mask is magic if I can wake up on a Monday and still have that glow. So treat yourself this week and take the extra time to give your skin a little extra loving! My recommendation would be to order this mask, but any masks will make your skin happy just pay attention to what it needs! 

There's an App for That

Have you ever signed up for one of those email lists that will send you a quote every day? But then its fun for like a week, but if you're anything like me, it gets lost in the mix of your other mailing list from bloggers and stores and so on. I also know that I could make it VIP so that it wouldn't get lost, but all that just feels like a lot to me. So I set out to find the best app that sends you daily motivation and doesn't feel like a hassle or won't be lost in the mix of all the other things. After trying several, I felt like some of them would send corny quotes or stuff that was just like eh and I didn't care, but y'all then I downloaded "Shine" and it's incredible. The way they describe themselves is your friend that's always there to lift you up and never gets too busy to text back, and that's precisely what it is. You get to choose when you want a motivational text, and you can also have one sent to you every morning at whatever time you pick! Go and download this app right now to turn your Monday around and set yourself up to be woken up each day to something that is positive and fun! 

Write It Where You Can See It

It's so easy to forget the things that are true about ourselves and to get caught up in the places we feel like we fall short. Or somewhere in our mind, we have decided we can't tell ourselves the things we love when we look in the mirror because that would make us petty and conceited. Well, I'm here to tell you that's just not true. If I could pick one thing (which is pretty dang hard) that I will forever be thankful that my momma instilled in me it was to love myself and love my body. Growing up my mom struggling a lot with her body and the way she looked and even continued to struggle when I was younger, but I got to watch her start to believe in who she was and to love the way she was created. She would never let my sister or I tear ourselves down when we looked in a mirror. And by no means am I perfect or do I always love what I see, but I know the importance that is looking in the mirror and saying out loud the things you love is SO IMPORTANT! So I'm challenging you this Monday and challenging myself to take a page from my sweet momma's book and writing down that I'm beautiful and taping it on my mirror! That way we always see it, and we won't forget that its the truth!

I hope somewhere in all that there was something that you needed to hear/learn/know this Monday to feel more ready and motivated for the week! I'm off to attempt to unpack from my trip and listen to that (bomb) playlist! I would love if y'all shared with my the things you wrote on your mirror or your thoughts on the app/face masks! So comment below, slide into my inbox or find me on social!

XO Sum