Monday Mantras

Happy Monday, loves! Yesterday I spent the day watching the Masters and woke up this morning sad when I realized my app was no longer needed. Also Jordan Speith is still the winner in my heart. I also took the time to prioritize and get on top of things- lately my brain has felt so so so scattered and I have been spacey slash forgetting so many things. It's crazy the difference carving out sometime to mark things off your list and to get caught up makes when it comes to waking up on Monday and starting your week. I'm not saying I wasn't angry when my alarm went off and waited till the last minute, but I definitely feel more grounded this week! I think you'll notice that in this weeks Monday Mantras and hopefully it will show on the blog this week. I hope y'all are having good (as good as it gets) Mondays and that little something you need it down below! 

Grab your afternoon pick-me-up and let's conquer this week together... 

A Little Classic to Kick Things Off

Every week I try to put into words the feeling that Monday brings and sometimes it doesn't quite feel like I do a good job of capturing it. But PTL for people who are much more talented with their words then me and who have lived a lot more mondays to be able to describe the feeling for me! Here's two of my favorite songs about Monday to get us going and feel like someone else gets it with us! Also little known fact about me I have a thing for English rock from the 80's so naturally I included The Cure because come on we all are in love with Friday and we are allowed to sing about it even on a Monday!  

There's an App for That

It's been awhile since I've shared an app with y'all that will help making mondays and the rest of the week go by smoother. So this week I'm sharing with y'all the current "To Do List" apps I'm trying. I've always had a love/hate relationship with to-do list because part of me is like "I don't want to be tied down and confined to a list" but the other part of me is like "Summer you literally need a to do list to function" and that's the part of me that usually wins. I'm a big fan of pen and paper, but sometimes an app feels more convenient. I've tried just using notes, but that's not fun. Also I've tried the reminders app but am I the only one that literally can't figure out how it works?! I went to google looking for the best "To Do List" apps and these are the two that popped out to me: Carrot and Clear. This week I decided I would give both a try. Carrot is the perfect app if you get off task and struggle to prioritize aka me and Clear simplifies the whole process while letting you customize it and make it look pretty! If you are a to-do list person or maybe you need to be then this if your chance! Try them out with me this week and let's get things done! 

Warmer Days Ahead

When I saw that this was going to be an colder than normal April I didn't really believe it, but y'all why is it 48 degrees on April 9th?! I am dying for warmer days and holding onto the couple that we have had so far. I am so ready for the grey skies to disappear and to have that feeling of the sun heating up my skin. As much as I love colder days and winter it's this in between I have so I have been day dreaming of sunnier and happier days (in my head I imagine them being happier even though I know that the two don't necessarily go hand and hand). If you are like me and love the months of May through mid September I've put together a Pinterest board for us to get lost in and imagine it was true Ice coffee, shorts, sandals and beach weather. My Monday feels a little bit warmer inside just looking through it! 

Don't Let Them Tell You Otherwise

Okay I love mindless TV and some people have very different opinions about this, but there is something about being able to turn on a show that only requires a small part of your brain to be paying attention. Also these shows tend to be hilarious and happy in the simplest way. So if you are like me and at the end of a long Monday or anyday (but let be honest especially Mondays) you just want to be able to check out and shut off plus have some bonus laughs I've rounded up my favorite mindless TV shows you can find on Netflix: 1) That's 70 Show- a true classic and where I first realized my strong love for Ashton Kutcher 2) Friends- the friend group we all want to be apart of and in case you wondering I'm definitely a Rachel 3) New Girl- you can watch it over and over and it never get's old plus its fun to rewatch before the final season (que the waterworks) 4)Shitts Creek- my latest discovery that's totally mindless and hilarious. Whatever your mood I bet one of these will fit and be just what you need when you make it to the end of this Monday!

Weekly Playlist

I skipped a week, but as promised the weekly playlist is still a thing. This week is a mix of my boy band throwback favorites because it just felt right. And they might not be throwbacks for you, but they are songs you should know and are perfect for turning up real loud and having a dance party to either solo (usually me and always in the car) or with your friends. Plus who doesn't love a good boy band hit single am I right?! JT forever.

That's all I've got for today and I hope you feel better equipped and motivated to conquer this Monday and the rest of the week. Or if it feels like a hard week you have been given shows to check out to. Later this week I'm sharing my favorite spring trends and possibly some more fun stuff! As always follow along on social media for all things Days of Summer and comment below you're thoughts/feelings/suggestions/literally whatever. Y'all are my favorite and are totally going to rock this Monday.  

XO Sum