Monday Mantras

Morning loves! I think this is the most Monday Monday I’ve had in a while if that sentence even makes sense. I turned my alarm off on accident and woke up at 8:30 which is when I’m supposed to be leaving for school. Usually, I would call it fate and skip but today was the last day of class, and I had to be there, so I rushed out the door and then ended up spilling my day old coffee all down me in class. But as one of my best friends says, “you win some, you lose some” and today is definitely one of those days! 

In other news, I learned my lesson, and I’m using google docs after the tragedy that was last Monday. A bunch of you responded to my story saying google docs has saved your life more than once, so I’m going with it. This Monday is special because like I said it’s my last day of classes and that marks me making it through a whole semester after taking a year off- so I’m doing celebratory Monday mantras in honor of this small feat! 

Grab that cup of coffee (I'm on number 3) and let’s celebrate the big and small!

The Best Meme to Hit the Internet Last Week

Meme’s about school or being unmotivated slash a procrastinator are my favorite because they make me feel like I’m not alone in this world. And this one, in particular, made me feel like someone else or more accurately a bunch of other people understood just how my ADHD brain works anytime I try to sit down to do anything. I don’t have much else to say about it other than it’s so real, spot on and hilarious. I can’t stop watching- which I realize now is me, even more, avoiding my work, but oh well! If you are a procrastinator or avoider like me, this one is for you! 

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Weekly Playlist: The Ultimate Dance Party

It only felt appropriate for this week Monday playlist have all the best dance songs on it because it's a big week. There are few things in this life I love more than a great playlist to get ready too. Or a playlist that makes you want to dance and sing along and I’m hoping that this can be your escape or bright spot in the midst of your Monday because let’s be honest Beyoncé has the power to make a Monday feel doable!

The Old Taylor isn’t Dead

Okay, first Sugarland is back y’all, and I am freaking out. I’m not a huge country music person, but in high school I was, and I loved them. I mean Jennifer Nettles is queen. I also love listening to them because my mom loved them and I have a distinct memory of her listening to “All I Want to Do” in the car. In Sugarland’s new song “Babe” they did the unthinkable and were able to revive the old Taylor, and it's EVERYTHING. The little slice of country Taylor we get in this song is a throwback to Red and Speak Now, and I can’t stop listening. It's proof that despite what we say or want to think about her Taylor Swift can literally do it all and I think it’s time I stop looking for reasons to dislike her because she’s still that girl with the guitar we all fell in love with! 

Currently Craving: Skorts

Over the last six-ish months I have made it a priority to dress for my body type. I’ve started to own the fact that I'm not stick-straight and I’ve got hips. I’ve accepted that I may have the world's shortest torso and that’s going to make something look so bizarre on me (I also realized that this means I could probably be considered petite in some things, which was a total game changer). My most recent realization thanks to my roommate and constant supporter was that it’s entirely okay to hate the way I look in shorts. And by accepting that doesn't mean I have something to be ashamed of or I look bad in them it means I’m not confident in them, so why would I wear them? I’m embracing that there are no rules in fashion and I can wear whatever makes me happy and feel confident. All of this goodness has let me to deciding I’m going to be a skirt girl, but more accurately I’m dying to buy a ton of skorts because they are practical, embodied my 90’s style and feel like me! If you’re like me and hate shorts, I’ve linked all the skorts I’ve been lusting over below. But with all that said I also want this Monday mantra to be one that lets you feel the freedom to make your wardrobe yours and know you aren’t confined by trends or rules! 

Pop Champagne

Here’s that big one- the celebratory Monday Mantra I talked about. Last spring I decided that I needed to take time off school and it was the best decision I made even if it didn’t make sense to other people. Then this past fall when I made the gut decision to withdraw from Queens for another semester and transfer to UTC I think I left a lot of people questioning my judgment, but today marks that despite all the hard stuff that has happened over the past two years I was able to find my place. It signifies that I’m capable of going back to school. It pushes me one step closer to walking across that stage and getting my diploma. Yeah maybe I’m taking a long way out and yeah some days I wonder why I walked away from Queens when I was so close, but today I feel so confident I made the right decision. I make jokes all the time about how I have gone to three colleges and that I’m still 23 just trying to get my communications undergrad, but today I know all of that it’s just a part of my story. That finishing this semester of school marks some sort of significant chapter in my life (still trying to figure that out because let's be honest this by no means I have it together). A lot of school is still up in the air, but today I’m celebrating the fact that I did it. I’m celebrating that on Wednesday by noon I will have another semester on my belt. So whether it’s big or small, I know you have something to celebrate just like me, and I’m challenging you to be present where you are and to celebrate it! Whatever it is pop that champagne because I know you are worth it which means that so its worth it!

Yay to an exciting week and counting down the days until I'm free woman! I hope this weeks post made up for skipping last week and you found something you needed in here. As always you can follow along on social media for all the Days of Summer happenings! Also comment below what you loved so I can here from you. Keep crushing Monday friends!

XO Sum

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