Monday Mantras

Happy 'you made it through Monday!' friends! Okay, so I have been super MIA. In my brief two months of blogging, I have learned that I don’t engage well when traveling. In some ways this is a gift- I pride myself on being able to be present where I am but for something like this, it’s proving to be more of a challenge than I realized it would be. I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking of ways I can be more on top of things, and if you guys have any tips or tricks that help you to work remotely/from home I would love to hear them so slide into my inbox!

But with all that said Monday Mantras are coming at you a little later today because I spent this morning at orientation for my third time. I’m super excited to be transferring to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in January and moving in with some of my best friends plus their adorable new puppy, Penny! Cheers to Thanksgiving week, overeating, being with people we love and reminding ourselves what we are thankful for!

I am Thankful for…

You know it as well as I do- you can close your eyes in picture it in your head. At some point on Thursday you and whoever you are with is going to go around and share what they are thankful for. The answers tend to vary from my family to my dog to this meal or another to be alive and healthy. Instead of waiting until Thursday to share, let's start today and try to find a way to turn those Monday blues around! I am thankful for a support system and a place that feels like home all the way in Tennessee as well as TSwift’s new album to be the perfect time-passer for my 5-hour road trip home tomorrow! What are you thankful for on this Monday?

This ain’t your Parent’s Podcast

For the longest time people told me to listen to podcasts, but my only association with them was when we would go on trips with my dad, and he would force us to listen to hours of “This American Life.” Which now I appreciate, but as a 15-year old I would have much rather done something else. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I felt like I needed some inspiration that I caved and started listening to Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso and my outlook on podcasts is forever changed. For all my fellow Girl Bosses out there or anyone who loves hearing a victory story, this is the podcast for you. Each week Amoruso interviews a different “girl boss”, which pretty much means a bad-ass woman who is defying social norms and pursuing what she loves! My long drives to Chattanooga would feel a heck of a lot longer if I didn’t have these to listen to. So if you have to make a drive somewhere this week for Thanksgiving check out this podcast or if you just need to learn that podcasts are much cooler than what your parents once made you listen to!

Post Thanksgiving Cardio

Black Friday is upon us and even more exciting…CYBER MONDAY. Y’all as an online shopping addict this is one of the days I live for, sad maybe, but at least I know my wardrobe and gift giving will be on point. If you are someone who actually braves the stores and malls on Black Friday kudos to you, but I prefer doing it from the comfort of my own home without a million people trying to trample me. Regardless of which one you prefer or maybe you are going to go a little wild and do both but the most important thing you need to be prepared. This is the one “type a” thing I am actually good at. Take some time this week and think through what you want/need and don’t automatically delete those black Friday deal emails because they will help you know who is having the best deals! Also, if you need a break from doing adult stuff or have a little extra time do yourself a favor and read this list! It will help you see all the deals. And most importantly do whatever you must do to be on your shopping ‘A game’ because y’all this is the most wonderful time of the world for people like us (and by us I mean my fellow shopping addicts)!

Movie Night

This week is different than most because for a lot of us we get to look forward to a long weekend with the holiday! This means there’s a little extra downtime built into our weeks and when I have spare time on my hands there’s not much I love more than watching a good movie. The other night my friends and I committed to a movie at 10 pm, because the trailer totally sucked us in. Y’all if you like a little bit of thrill, a good murder mystery, and a whole lot of action the number one movie on your movie night watch list needs to be Wind River. It’s got comedy, a little bit of romance, pulls on your heart strings and will keep you on the edge the whole time. So, gather the fam, friends or the dog and give this one a try!

I'm gonna go cuddle my new puppy friend some more and soak up my last little bit of time in Chattanooga (this is the last time I'll be here as a guest.. next time it will be home eeeep!). I hope these Monday Mantras start your Thanksgiving week off right! As always don't forget to share on your social media using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM! 

XO Sum