Monday Mantras

Afternoon, my loves! I'm sorry I am moving so slow this morning, but hey some mornings you need that extra hour in bed snuggling with your pup, and you have to take the extra time to get ready because it makes you feel good when you leave the house! I just got off of Facetime with my best friend who lives in New York and was in shock hearing about the bomb in time square. First I have no idea how I missed that, but second and more importantly, I feel heavy for my friend and all the people in New York who were brought face to face with the reality that the world is a dark place. My heart has also been aching for everyone in California affected by the wildfires. I'm sending up lots of prayers and love this morning, and I'm hoping this week's Monday Mantras can not only chase away the Monday blues but also bring some light into the darkness. 

Coffee is the New Black

I love the holiday season for its slowness, but I think as soon as we start to slow down really it all catches up with us. Like if I am totally honest I’m pretty sure I was asleep yesterday more than I was awake and then this morning I physically could not get out of bed until 9:45. Today I’m fighting hard against a major case of the Mondays, and I’m not sure if this Monday Mantra is for me or y’all or whoever else is with me when I say it feels like I have zero energy and need 6 cups of coffee. So if you're with me stop what you are doing and treat yourself to your favorite coffee drink, because we are not succumbing to the Monday blues! 

I’m a Major Weeper *in British accent*

I promised y’all till Christmas Monday I would be sharing one of my favorite holiday movies so that you would have the perfect excuse to cozy up with a big glass of red wine or hot cocoa if you’re not 21 and just unwind. And this week’s movie is perfect for that. I’ve got two words for y’all: Jude Law. If you know where I am going with this, then let's be best friends because I’m pretty sure I watch this movie at least 50 times during December! The Holiday is the romance, drama, waterworks, laughter and all the best actors rolled into one. I mean you get the best of both worlds: sunny LA and quaint Surrey. And not to downplay the other love interest in the movie but ladies JUDE FREAKIN LAW plays the cutest softy and is so dreamy. Okay, I’ll stop gushing, but know that Monday just got a whole lot better because tonight you're going to curl up and watch one of the best holiday RomComs of all time. 

I mean y'all he might as well be speaking directly to my heart 😭😻

This One’s for You

I’ll be the first to admit it I love when things are all about me hence why my birthday is my favorite day of the whole year. I’ll also tell you that I think the hidden gem of social media is Spotify (you are currently wondering how these two go together but bear with me). I think seeing what people listen to tells you so much about them. I mean for one you can tell what kind of mood they are in and second, you get a glimpse into a deeper part of themselves because I really think that one of the reasons we love music so much is because it speaks to parts of ourselves we can’t quite put words to. So with that said Spotify did a significant mic drop when they released a playlist that was made just for you of your top 100 songs that you listened to throughout the year. Also along with that, you can go to a unique website they made just to show you an overview of essentially what your year in music looked like you even get to take a quiz to see if you really know yourself. Now to get back to how me loving things being about myself and Spotify being a hidden gem. This playlist is the best of both worlds because it’s all about me and says so much about what 2017 was like for me. And in the least creepy way you can go look at other peoples top 100 and I mean if that isn’t an insight into their soul I don’t know what is?! So go check out your 2017 Wrapped by Spotify this Monday to remind yourself that you are so worth something being all about you! 

Take the Edge Off

A little fact about me I love watching videos like vine was the light of my life until it went away and now I’ll get sucked into best vine compilations for hours (I am not exaggerating #adhdproblems). Some Monday’s you just need a good laugh to make it all feel like it’s going to be okay and this Monday that feels extra true with all of the tragedy that our nation is experiencing from wildfires to bombs. I’m not saying that we need to ignore the heaviness, but I think there is something to be said for finding a moment of joy in the hardness. SO wherever you are at today whether it feels heavy or just like any other Monday do yourself a favor and watch this video because I was in tears at the end from laughing so hard! 

That's all friends! I hope this brought a little light (or a whole lot) to your Monday's and you feel armed & ready to go out and conquer it like the boss that you are! I'm feeling extra thankful that y'all join me on here every week to find some much needed motivation. As always share how this weeks mantras impacted you in big ways or small on your social media using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM! I'm gonna go refill my large latte and get to work on some exciting content for this week... stay tuned!

XO Sum