Monday Mantras

Hello loves! It’s that time again. Another Monday has snuck up leaving us feeling like the weekend was a little too short and like there isn’t enough coffee in the world to keep us awake today. Speaking of the weekend, I want to pause and just relive it for a little cause mine was full in lots of ways. I had one of my best friends (who I use only to get to see every six months come for the weekend because we finally live close) and it was SO great. Also on the flip side of that we did a lot of socializing with other people and look I’m not trying to sound like a Debbie downer, but trying to make new friends is HARD and socializing is EXHAUSTING. I think that nobody talks about how making friends when you’re an adult is a whole new endeavor, and it isn’t an easy as a 1,2,3 type of situation. And here’s the thing if you’re anything like me you want instant gratification, and I’m learning that the older I get, the less instant gratification is a thing. 
My friend called me this morning, and I was telling her about how I was starting to have a hard time adjusting and she reminded me that it had only been two and half weeks since I moved here and it was going to take time to feel comfortable, to have friends and to feel settled. I needed to hear that today. I needed to remember that there is grace for when it’s hard. I needed to be reminded it’s okay to struggle and that being brave doesn’t mean I have to have it all together. Maybe you’re reading this thinking “okay whatever summer get to the mantras already,” or perhaps you needed to be reminded of these things too. And if that’s the case let them sink in and let them be true! If you’re on the flip side the mantras are coming & thanks for letting me debrief for a hot minute!

Okay grab your cup of coffee and let’s take this week on like that first week in January where you promised yourself this year would be different! 

There’s an App for That

Okay, this one is about to get real. Maybe too real for a Monday, but we are going to talk budgeting. I have been spoiled for the last year and a half. I got to live at home where my fridge was always stocked, and the bills were paid. I had no expenses except for paying for my gas. It was AMAZING. But also I am 23, and I think it’s about time I learned what that meant especially when it comes to finances. So with my big move meant I would have actual expenses. SO I have to learn how to budget. Yep y’all I said it I did one of the biggest girl things I have ever done. I sat down, tracked my expenses, saw where I was being "extra" (more than just my day to day) and created a budget for what I can spend every month. It was painful, but it was needed. I’m also not an excel spreadsheet type of gal and don’t have the patience to sift through my bank statement and if you can relate to those last two things I’m about to change your life. I got the app Clarity Money, and it’s incredible. All you have to do is plug in basic information, like your bank account number and some personal information, and then it will show you where you have been doing all your spending. Also one of my favorite parts is it shows you your reoccurring charges so like if you have ever signed up for a trial and forgot to cancel this will tell you and you can cancel right from the app! If you want to feel like an adult and get serious about your finances, this app will help you ease into it without overwhelming you! 

^ so relateable it hurts

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

No, I’m not talking about my actual dating life (that’s simple and irrelevant at this point). But on a more serious note, my relationship status with my blow dryer is the definition of complicated. We have a love/hate relationship. And if you love a good blow out or have to do your hair on a regular basis I know you are right there with me.  I recently invested in an excellent blow dryer. A lot of the other bloggers I follow used the Dry Bar Buttercup Blow Dryer and I would watch them make these videos blowing out there hair and be like “wow I need that in my life” so obviously given my impulsive shopping habits I bought one. In my head, it was an investment, but what I didn’t take into account is it would also be an investment in my time. Like let's be honest if you have ever tried to blow out your hair it takes FOREVER, and then your arm gets tired, and you have to hold the brush just right and come from the right angle, and your hair can’t be too wet, but also it can’t already be too dry. Like I said it’s complicated. But this weekend I was given a gift from the hair gods (cue the dramatics). And I went from it’s complicated to taken and never looking back all thanks to the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. I never bought into those things that were like “I’m a brush and a hairdryer,” but little did I know I was missing out because that’s precisely what this is. Literally all you have to do it brush it through your hair, and it straightens, dries it, and gives it shape plus body all at once without having to hold a blow dryer in one hand and your brush in another. I’m not kidding when I tell you that giving yourself a blow out has never been easier & if you’re thinking what about my other blow dryer I don’t want to leave it behind? I have good news you don’t have to. I still use my Buttercup to get my hair mostly dry and to make sure it’s not super wet! It’s the best of both worlds & you need it in your life. So make Monday mornings better and let yourself get that extra 30 mins of sleep and still have great hair! 

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Currently Craving: All My People in One Place

Another thing I have learned about getting older is that it’s rare you will find yourself in a place with all your people more than once a year if that. When I moved to Chattanooga, I knew I would be leaving much more than a place behind, but if I'm totally transparent, I didn’t think that I would be this affected by missing the people back home as much as I do. And if you are one of those people don’t read this thinking I don’t love you cause I do! It’s just that I thought being in a new place would be so exciting I wouldn’t be sad (currently laughing at myself because that’s just naive thinking). I have found that being in an entirely new place pushes me outside my comfort zone and because nothing feels familiar I miss all my people whether they are in Davidson or not. Something about being here makes them feel so much farther away. Despite wishful thinking, I don’t think its possible to get them all here, so I settled for ordering lots of pictures of them from Parabo Press. This is one of my favorite online photo printing shops I’ve found. Also, you get 25 free square photos for free so like why wouldn’t you! There’s something about having actual pictures and not just my Instagram feed that brings me so much comfort! If you’re human, odds are you probably miss someone, or you probably don’t get to be around all your people on a daily basis so make Monday a little brighter and visits Parabo Press to get your 25 free prints so you can bring your people to you! 

Is it Spring Break Yet?

The weather has been so moody that I have been craving a sun beaming down on me on a white sandy beach more than usual. I also don’t have any planned vacations coming up, and it’s making me go a little stir crazy. All the other mantras this week encourage you to do something/purchase something, but this one is just about letting yourself get caught up in dreaming of a wherever else you want to be other than where you currently are. When I want to escape for a bit my go to’s are a Bravo TV show or pursuing Pinterest. This time I’m going with Pinterest and sharing my Wanderlust board with y’all so that together we can take a 10-minute hiatus from our Mondays and picture ourselves on our dream vacation. And who knows maybe you’ll find that next destination spot you never knew you wanted to go to, but it doesn’t hurt to dream right?! 

That's all for today! I hope you find motivation in there somewhere or this post is the bright spot on your Monday. Here's to another week of doing our best day by day! I believe in you and I believe in us!

XO Sum