Monday Mantras: Life Update Edition

Hey loves! It's been a quick minute which seems to be the opening line of my last couple of blog posts. I've got some things (or a lot of things) to say, but first YAY MONDAY! We are here again & we made it. 

I wanted to start off 2018 and my move to Chattanooga with a bang. I thought this will be when I start being more consistent and productive with my blog yet here we are. It's taken me time to realize that this does not mean I've failed or that there is no point in continuing. Honestly, if anything it has taught me some things about myself and those are 1) I am my biggest critic 2) I jump to giving up before admitting that I haven't done my best and with that, 3) I would rather call it quits than continue to fall short. I've always been this way and the times when someone has been bold enough to hold a mirror up to me I've seen that this is my biggest weakness.

It's not that I don't like failing because of other people, but because of what that will say about me and who I am. The other night my roommates and I were sitting around talking about how there are two types of people either you are on time to everything, or you are like me, and you tend to run ten minutes late consistently. We then talked about how we perceive the other side and how we perceive ourselves. It wasn't until about 12 in the morning that I realized that the part of me that doesn't stress over a test after I have taken or how I can just walk away from things so easily is because I don't like to get attached enough to where I will feel disappointed. I push things away and keep them at arm's length, so I don't have to feel the feelings in whatever capacity. 

Okay, kinda deep for a Monday (I hope I haven't lost you!!), but this realization made me see I do care so much about my blog and maintaining the original promises I not only made y'all but also myself. I want this to be a place that is authentic, real and consistent. A place I use to share with y'all my insights and give you new content every week whatever it may be! SO this is me owning that I care so that I don't walk away before I even really get started. I have been keeping the door shut on this topic since I moved to Chattanooga because I was scared of what would happen when I let it open. I knew that I would start to feel "less than" inside and start believing lies. I also think I'm not the only one that knows this feeling not being good enough whether it be for ourselves or others and I want you to know you aren't alone and there is so much grace for when we fall short. With that said I knew I would need to take the jump and get back on here even if that meant a post word vomiting my feelings because it would 1) hold me accountable and 2) be what I needed to see it's okay to fall short because that does not dictate what happens next. Pay attention to that number two, because I don't care who you are that is TRUE for all of us.

Grab that cup of coffee, or your midday pick me up because we are jumping back in with one (literally one) significant Monday Mantra!

Celebrate Yourself

Yep, that's it this week's Monday mantra is two words.  I think we can so quickly get caught up in what the next week holds. We will sit down and write a to do that is miles long and the anxiety for the week will start to creep in. But we are going to divert from Monday's usual path, and we are going to celebrate ourselves today even though we don't have our weeks worth of accomplishments to point to or our losses to get hung up on. Is there a piece of clothing you have been thinking about, and it's just sitting in your cart, and you go back maybe even hourly to agonize over whether you need it? (please someone tell me that I am not the only one...) Because today you are going to get it. Or maybe you order yourself a latte instead or a drip coffee. Or tonight you have two glasses of wine instead of one. Or you get to bed early and watch a movie. Whatever you need to do to celebrate yourself this Monday you're gonna do it & I am too! So let's celebrate ourselves because we deserve it and our worth exist outside what we do! I haven't quite figured out what mine will be yet, but I'll keep y'all posted! 

Also down below I'm sharing more reasons to celebrate yourself via my favorite memes & gifs BECAUSE WHY NOT?!

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I mean today you can do that ^^^

None other than Leo to wish us best on our day of celebrating ourselves 

I would love to hear how y'all decide to treat yourself this Monday or your thoughts on my life update! Stay tuned for some fun content later this week... for real this time!!

XO Sum