Monday Mantras

Hey friends! Y’all so far this Monday is determined just to keep me down. Let me just take a minute to give you the rundown: first, it was literally impossible to wake up this morning like more than it usually is for me. Then I took the time to get ready like do my hair and makeup because the weather app told me it was going to be nice out. It turns out the weather app likes to lie. Next, I’m on the phone catching up with my friend Taylor, so it starts to feel like my day is turning around, but then it started to rain. And it wasn’t like rain rain, but that even worst constant mist that will make you wet and I was zero percent prepared so had no umbrella or raincoat. I promised my friend Taylor I would include her in that part so that ones for you Tay thanks for being my motivational speaker as I walked to class in the rain. By the time I got to class my hair was half wavy half curly, my coffee diluted with rainwater and the awfulness of Monday that I try to fight against was winning the battle. 

But here I am sitting in the Starbucks on campus with my Grande iced caramel macchiato with nonfat milk and an extra shot (yes it’s as basic as it gets- judge me). I just finished up a truth-filled phone called with my dear friend Linds, and she reminded me of these two things: I am loved, and I am a badass.  I needed to hear these things today. Honestly, I need to be reminded of them most days and I’m here to relay her message to you. You are loved and you are a badass. I’m riding high on these words to carry me through the rest of the day & using the small spark they lit in me to share with y’all the Monday Mantras I am in desperate need of, and maybe you are too. So let’s get to it! 

Did You Say being a 5th Year Senior Has its Perks?

Look whether you are a freshman in college or find yourself like me attempting just to make it across that stage or anywhere in between I am here to tell you that even on the worst days of being a student we are #blessed. How? Because I discovered something this morning that was nothing short of life-changing. First, let’s start with if you don’t know what Outdoor Voices is you need to drop what you are doing right this moment and check it out. OV is the athletic wear company that bridges the gap between the extreme athletes and yogis. It’s for all body types, all activities and is all about just empowering people to get out and be #doingthings (I tagged their insta because their Instagram game is fire). I fell in love with this brand about a year and a half ago, and after I listened to a podcast with the CEO, a 26-year-old badass, I became the brands unofficial biggest fan. Okay so now that you have that background here is part two: if you are a student you can join OV University and get 30% off select merchandise!!!! My cart is already full (like can I buy one of everything) and I’m letting y’all in on this goodness so your cart can be packed just like mine. There are a ton of other places that offer you a student discount and will make any day better especially a Monday so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox for a full list from me! For now get yourself some dog walking (my exercise of choice), mom walking, running, hiking or just lounging athletic clothes!

me right now and then you after you sign up ^

Getting to Know the New Princess

Here are two things I love: the royals and great television shows. When it became official, and Meghan Markel was going to be next princess I wanted to know everything about her. The most significant news was that this princess-to-be was able to reveal herself to me through one of my many love languages- a great show I can binge watch and become a little too obsessive over. I think I’m a little late to the fan club on this show, but y’all Suites has my heart. And now the hearts of two of my closest friends because it is EVERYTHING. I have never considered a career in law until I watched this show, but I mean it will do that to you. I have never found a character in a show that I felt like was my true spirit animal until I was introduced to Donna (y’all just wait she is amazing). This show has all the juicy drama with the perfect amount of comedy as the characters fight for justice in others lives and their own lives. It serves up plot twists, hope, rooting for the underdog and leaves you wanting more every time. If my synopsis did not convince you then I’m at a loss other than you should just take a gamble on it because it’s Monday and anything makes a Monday a little better even if it’s a show you think I’m crazy for loving. But if I did convince you I’m here to say you can thank me later and best of luck as you are about to get lost in the best TV show hole of your life. 

Take note of Harvey he is my favorite, besides Donna. 

Follow Monday

I go through phases where I have that one meme account or funny account that I use to give me a good laugh or mind break in the middle of a long day or when I’m laying in bed at night or any time of the day if I'm totally transparent. Okay so here it is @overheardla. The reason I love it so much is because 1) it’s utterly ridiculous 2) these are REAL people that actually said these things and 3) sometimes the things they have said are so real that it hurts and I appreciate there is finally a place for us to be (almost) transparent about our ridiculousness. If you haven’t realized by now, I can be a little bit extra, a little bit boujee and I pride myself on saying the things that everyone else is thinking, but doesn’t want to say. Not only do I get a great laugh, but often find that without knowing the person they still feel like a kindred spirit. So either follow for lots of laughs and judgment or follow for laughs and to feel like there is someone else in this world who gets you (I’m the second, but no judgment if you are the first the world needs both us)! 

Pacific Palisades. 🐥✨ Overheard by @autumnlee14 📥 #kidsbrand #overheardla

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After last week so many of you reached out and said you loved the Monday Mantras and appreciated my honesty/vulnerability. As I think through the blog and where I want all of this to go, I think of y’all. It’s the encouragement and the success stories of y’all finding a product and the ways you apply Monday Mantras that make me love doing this every week. So after last week, it feels natural to ask y’all what you want to see more of on here. Do you want more transparency and life stuff? More product stuff? More outfit posts? Recipes? I am open to all the things and will try to make your suggestions fit into a way that feels authentic to me whatever it may be! SO I know I ask you this a lot, but comment or message me with your thoughts! And in that particular email I mentioned earlier there might be a little something I would love for you to fill out (so if you aren’t on my mailing list you should get on it here). I can’t wait to read your suggestions & thoughts! 

YES YOU. You're loved and you're a badass ✨

I started this post ranting about how my Monday was going terribly, but honestly, I’m finishing it feeling reenergized to go into the rest of the day. I mean it could totally be my basic white girl drink or the truth I was reminded of (or entirely a combo of the both), but also I think that I needed these mantras just as much as the next person today!  Don’t forget to be checking your inbox and make sure to follow me Instagram cause I got some fun things planned for over there as well! Happy Monday loves!

XO Sum