Monday Mantras: Cyber Monday Edition

Morning loves! Today is the day for all of you holding out for Cyber Monday and to reward you I’m dedicating this Monday Mantra to my favorite sales and all my top picks! And for those of you who did your shopping on Black Friday- let’s be honest you could still do a little more, and you deserve to treat yourself! So grab your cup of coffee and let's start filling up those online shopping carts!

The Perfect Playlist Just for You

Okay, I swear I shop better when I have the right playlist going or in that case I swear I’m more productive in general with the perfect songs to keep me on task. If you don’t have Spotify, this feature is reason enough to get it. For the longest time I didn’t use Spotify, but when I heard about the Discover Weekly playlist, I was sold. Imagine the perfect playlist filled with all new songs you’ve never heard before, but all go with the type of music you like. Sounds great right? That’s precisely what Discover Weekly is. So do yourself a favor go to your Spotify, pull up your new Discover Weekly (because it resets every Monday!), and turn it up for the perfect playlist to all the shopping you are about to do!

This ain’t the Anthropologie you Studied in School

I’m an Anthropologie addict. Usually, if you like what I'm wearing and ask where it's from 90 percent of the time, I will tell you Anthro. I love that they have a little something for everyone no matter what your personal style and it feels like the perfect price point. Today’s cyber Monday deal is 20% off everything, which some of you may argue isn’t the best of deals, but I promise you it is, plus an additional 30% off sale so if that first part didn’t sell you this definitely should! I love that Anthro can be a one-stop shop for clothes, athleisure wear, home décor, gifts, beauty, shoes and more! You name it you can get it, AND today you can get it on sale! Here are my top picks:

Give a Little, Get a Little

Make fun of me if you want, but one of my favorite pass times this time of year is looking at online gift guides. When I took the love languages test (a test that figures out how you like to receive love and how you like to give love), I scored highest on receiving and giving gifts. I love the thoughtfulness that goes into it. And let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy getting a gift?! Plus it’s officially the season for giving so don’t wait until three weeks from now when you are scramming around Target to pick something out use today as an opportunity to gift yourself or get gifts for those loved ones! My favorite gift guides are on Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Anthro, Madewell, and Freepeople!

The Ultimate Department Store

My favorite icebreaker question (and yes I hate icebreakers, but this is a good one) is “if you could shop at one store for the rest of your life what would it be?” While you think of your answer I’m not saying there is a wrong answer, but there is definitely a right one, and that’s Nordstrom. They have everything you need plus the best customer service in the game. Now that I think of it I might be addicted to Nordstrom along with Anthro, or maybe just shopping, which if you have read my blog you are currently thinking “uh yeah duh!”.  Nordstrom’s black Friday deal has flowed into Cyber Monday, and it’s an extra 20% their fall sale, which is killer! So for a lot of items, you are getting 50% off and sometimes more! Here are my top picks:

Neutrals are the New Neutrals

One word: Madewell. It’s your one-stop shop for the perfect basics with a little bit of edge and all the denim you could imagine. And yep you guessed it they are also having a crazy Cyber Monday deal and it’s definitely a sale you should be shopping. Their whole website is 25%, and yes that includes sale. Also, I’ve got an inside source telling me that this is huge because they don’t usually mark down their denim this much and y’all know I’m always talking about my Madewell jeans. Seriously I live in them! Treat yourself to some of the best neutrals today, and denim 100 percent counts as a neutral! 

I know this was a bit different than your typical Monday Mantra, but I hope it gives you some guidance as you start to do your shopping! And if anything it will give you something to do while your dreading being back at work after the holiday! Share your scores and purchases with me using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM! Cheers to shopping and fighting off the Monday blues!

XO Sum