Monday Mantras

Morning, friends! I had all the plans to wake up before 9:30 and then I rolled over at 9:40. I blame Ellie because she is supposed to want to get up earlier than that. But with that said I'm super excited because it's the first Monday in December and I have lots of fun plans for the Monday Mantras over the next few weeks. I love Christmas time more than most things but at this moment, not more than I need some Monday motivation and a fresh cup of coffee. So if you are with me grab your cup and let's get going! 

The Worlds Best Cup of Coffee

I don't begin celebrating Christmas until December 1st it's my hard and fast rule. The next four weeks are my favorite four weeks out of the whole year for two reasons. The first is nothing beats the Christmas season and all that comes with it and the second is I'm selfish, and I love my birthday/birthday month more than the average person and then more than that next person after the average person. And with the Christmas season comes getting to watch some of my favorite movies! For the following 3 Mondays (including this one) I'm going to share a must watch Christmas movie with y'all because there's nothing that chases those Monday blues away with the promise of a movie night! So to kick it off let's talk Elf. The movie is filled with more Christmas one-liners, laughter, Christmas cheer and the ability to make you want to believe in Santa even at 22 years old. I think my dad and I say "Bye Buddy I hope you find your dad" to each other at least once a week. And my favorite part is Buddy knows a good cup of coffee when he sees one (sarcasm intended), so let's make Monday more than manageable by going out to find the worlds best cup of coffee and watching a grown elf explore NYC!

It's All About Intentions, Intentions, Intentions

Okay, so let's be honest, who is with me when I describe my Monday morning as follows: alarm goes off, rolls over and groans, becomes angry that I have to get up, hits snooze for 10 more minutes (if I'm on top of it this only happens twice) and then drags self out of bed. All of this negativity does not set me up for good day, and I've thought a lot about the power of intention. What would happen if when we woke up in the morning instead of dreading the day what we thought about was what we had to look forward to? (Even if it's the cup of coffee that is waiting for you… tbh this will probably be mine). And don't forget to give yourself grace even if you drag yourself out of bed you can turn it around by changing your intentions for the day. So take a moment and either write down your intention or think it to yourself and together let's changes the trajectory of our Mondays! 

Netflix & Binge

I am happy to say that my last version of Netflix & Binge turned lots of people onto Quantico and just like me they found themselves sucked into the show before they could even realize what was happening. Well, I may be late to the club, but I've got another one for you: Designated Survivor. It's politics, drama, and action all wrapped into one. I'm only in episode 9 (stop judging me), but I'm hooked, and I think you should be too. For all my readers out their who are about to be done with finals and on winter break this will be the perfect way to unwind after the long semester and for everyone else, I'm giving you permission to treat yourself this Monday and binge-watch your heart out! 

Chestnuts Roasting

I have said it once, I've said twice, and I'll repeat it I love the weeks that lead up to Christmas. I have had so much fun over the last week making target runs (because who doesn't enjoy a good target run?!) and decorating my house for the holidays. And just like most other things in my life I gather all of my inspiration from Pinterest. Not to brag, but I think my Christmas board is quite a good one and will give you that perfect pick me up plus much-needed inspo on this Monday to get into the holiday spirit. If it weren't for Pinterest, I wouldn't be on the hunt for the perfect live baby Christmas tree to sit cutely in a basket by my fireplace (if you know where I can get one slide into my inbox)! So with that said go check it out and wash away that Monday gloom with some much needed holiday cheer! 

That's everything this Monday morning and I hope you are leaving feeling more motivated than when you got here! I'm off to get more coffee and go to an all you can eat sushi buffet with one of my favorite people today. As always share your mantras on social using the hashtag #daysofsummerMM or just slide into my inbox sharing your story with me!

XO Sum