The Perfect Graphic Tees that Give Back

Happy Wednesday friends! I feel like I have been grinding the last couple of days and for once I am enjoying it. Yesterday I got to tour WeWork, which is a community office space, and it was amazing! For the first time since I decided to move to Chattanooga, I actually felt disappointment because there isn't one there (but only for a minute). I loved it so much I emailed the WeWork corporate real estate team trying to convince them why they were missing a significant opportunity by not being in Chatt and told them I would 100% be their first customer slash point person if they would set up shop! So keep your fingers crossed that they don't just think I'm crazy and if you get the opportunity to tour a WeWork and you have a blog/small business I recommend it! 

Anyways I'm super pumped to share this graphic tee with you all today because it's not only cute and not to mention incredibly soft, but the mission behind it is what makes it that much better. I've partnered with Y'allsome the ultimate southern goods company that surprisingly started out of the founders LA garage to share with y'all the easiest way to look stylish while also giving back! As they say "southern goods that do good" because with each purpose 10% of the profits go back to helping southern kids in foster care. I'm already someone who feels passionately about dressing in a way that is representative of what you care about so when Y'allsome reached out to me I had to say yes because their shirts have a purpose! They can explain much better than I can what they are about so here is a little blurb for you:

"Y'allsome gives 10% of its profits to Heart Gallery of America offices in the 13 Southern states (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV). Heart Gallery of America is a non-profit that spreads awareness of foster kids and encourages their adoption by "putting a name to a number." Through photographers and videographers, Heart Gallery tells the stories of the thousands of foster kids available for adoption to prospective parents. These stories are found online and shared through social media, and can also be seen in various traveling exhibits they create. In our hometown of Nashville, Y'allsome works directly with Monroe Harding, a non-profit that has cared for over 16,000 kids who have been abused, abandoned or neglected."

So without further ado, I'm showing you how I paired this graphic tee with my favorite leather jacket and jeans to feel like a rockstar inside & out! I've also shared some of my favorite merch from them at the bottom of the page. 

It was so fun to partner with Y'allsome, and as always all my opinions are my own! If you are looking for the perfect gift, this would be perfect for your friend who loves a good graphic tee, but also likes to give back! Also, remember you can always treat yourself because you deserve it! Also, follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with what they are up to!

XO Sum