The Perfect Casual Holiday Outfit

Happy evening, loves! I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop at home and life actually feels calm plus normal for the first time in weeks! Last night I got to go see Dead and Company with my dad and little brother and let me tell you it was epic. Growing up in my house we had to like the Grateful Dead, or I'm pretty sure my dad would disown us (kidding, sorta). I’m honestly so thankful for my music education as a kid, and after last night, I totally get why people are "dead heads". Originally, I begged my dad to take me because two words: John Mayer. And yes, being that close to the love of my life since I was 8 was a dream come true, but getting to share that experience with my dad, who use to follow the dead around when he was younger, and my little brother was hands down the best part! It got me thinking about the holidays and how the best part is between now and Christmas when you get to do fun things with the people you love!

I have never been a dress or skirt girl- I'm trying to do better, but your girl loves a good pair of jeans! Around the holidays there are so many events you have to attend and "holiday dressing" has become such a thing. But if you are anything like me, you either have to run out to buy a dress for the party/occasion or you try to pull something together. I'm sharing one of my favorite Holiday outfits I have stocked up for this year that would be perfect for a dinner or even a more low-key party for us girls who don't want to throw on a dress (can I get an amen?!). 

Okay confession: I am one of those people who buys winter clothes in the middle of the summer because that’s how much I love a good deal. I got this cashmere sweater in July from J.Crew for 40 dollars so don’t even hate cause that’s incredible. I love the camel color so much, and it’s perfect to be dressed up or down not to mention it’s so soft! I’m wearing a small because I wanted it to fit more snug, but you could always go up a size if you want to layer! I’d say, even if you can’t find one on sale, it is definitely worth the investment- cashmere sweaters always look a little nicer then other sweaters so perfect for that holiday dressing we are talking about!

Again you know if before I even say it- these are my 10-inch jeans from Madewell that I live in. There’s not much to say other than I haven’t found a pair of black jeans I love more. My only complaint is I wish I went down a size because they do tend to stretch a bit so I always have to dry them (which is a no no when it comes to jeans), but even if with all the drying, the color has not faded at all! I am such a black jeans person for the sole purpose that they can be dressed up or down, but I hate that after many wears all my other ones fade to a grey-ish color. That is not the case with these and I will continue to write on the blog about them until I hear somebody’s success story of how they changed their life too!

Have you ever had that one item you’ve lusted after for a really long time? Mine was my Gucci belt (and a Gucci bag, but that’s still on the wish list). I know it comes at a very high price point, but I saw it as an investment. Also, something to always keep in mind is price-per-wear, so if you are going to wear the item a lot you are going to get your money worth! I love it because it’s the perfect amount of “extra” (if you will) to take that outfit to the next level! The sizing of their belts is super weird so make sure you check out the size guide because it would be a bummer to send it back.

Lastly, my leather jacket is from Blank NYC. I got it at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I love the gold detail, and for a faux leather, it actually doesn’t look cheap. I think it’s perfect for ladies, like me, who have a more laid back edgy style because you can dress it up for the holidays while still feeling like yourself! I got a medium and it fits perfectly, even with a pretty thick sweater under it.



I hope for all my girls out there that don’t have an abundant amount of dresses and skirts in your closet, you feel more confident going into the Holiday season when it comes to dressing! Because at the end of the day, that’s what is most important- never leave the house if you don’t feel comfortable and like yourself! I always carry myself differently when I feel like my clothes compliment what I’m feeling and what I love! I’m off to catch up on some much needed work, laundry, snuggle time with Ellie and to relive last night with John Mayer!

XO Sum