The Purple Shampoos & Conditioners Every Blonde Needs to Know About

Hey loves! So if your not a blonde I'm sorry this post doesn't apply to you, but you can still read and share with all your blondie friends! And to all my fellow blondies out there I'm so excited you're here and that I get to share with y'all my top purple shampoo picks!

I didn't realize the importance of blonde shampoo until I read this Rachel Zoe article a few years ago and they broke down a bunch of purple shampoos and in my head, I was like "man is this something I should be doing?" Also a couple of years ago a made the switch from once or twice a year highlights to blonde balayage every 3-ish months, and my hairstylist (who rocks, by the way, go check out her stuff) said that if I were using purple shampoo twice a week, it would make the biggest difference! I don't know about y'all, but I hate when my blonde turns brassy or fades, and I never knew some bright purple shampoo could change all that. 

Over the last year I have tried out several and below I'm sharing my top picks, all except one are in my shower currently, so all my fellow blondes can find the shampoo that's right for them!

Lush Daddy-O 

If you are into the more natural shampoos and conditioners this one is for you. The lush purple shampoo was the very first one I ever tried, and I loved it. Honestly funny enough I started using it because my older brother used it for his blonde hair (I hope he doesn't kill me for sharing that). I love it because it smells great and I did feel like it helped maintain my blonde a lot longer! I am forever a fan of Lush products, and I would say this one does not disappoint. It also gives you the satisfaction of coming out bright purple, but warning it tends to stain things if you get it on there so be careful! The only other downside is I would find an extra moisturizing conditioner because I felt like it left my hair feeling a little dryer! It also has a great price point starting from 11.95 up to 33.95 for the biggest size! You don't need to use it often, so it definitely tends to last me a good couple of months if not more.

Amika Bust Your Brass Shampoo & Conditioner

I tried this blonde shampoo because I felt like all of the sudden Amika was all the rage, and I saw their products everywhere. I happened to get their shampoo and conditioner on sale at Sephora, which was great and why I decided to take a gamble on them! This was my first time I was also pairing my purple shampoo with a purple conditioner. I love the shampoo a lot, and I would say it's my next step up from the Lush one. A little bit goes a long way with this one, and you'll definitely be guaranteed to see purple bubbles all over your shower after your down scrubbing! As far as the conditioner I like it and for sure still use it sometimes, but have found other purple conditioners I'm a fan of more! TBH the biggest reason I don't love the conditioner is that it's so hard to squeeze out of the bottle and takes a lot of effort- maybe that's dumb, but I mean washing your hair should be something you enjoy!

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Okay if you have ever tried any Oribe products, you know that they smell absolutely heavenly. I've talked about my obsession with their shine cream before, and it's mostly because I love the smell. I got this purple shampoo and conditioner in sample sizes (like travel bottles) and loved it! It left my hair feeling super clean and unlike other ones it definitely felt like using it twice a week if not more was going to leave my hair feeling super dry! They also have this blonde treatment stuff that I swear by and honestly need to get more of. This is the one set that I don't currently have in my shower, but if you're willing to spend an extra couple of dollars on your shampoo and conditioner to maintain your blonde locks this would be the one for you! 

Dry Bar Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner

Last but certainly not least is my very favorite and it's the Dry Bar purple shampoo and conditioner. I should probably start by saying that the Dry Bar and their product line can do no wrong in my eyes I haven't tried anything I didn't love like their blowdryer is my bae and the Sake Bomb Conditioner makes me want to wash my hair every day. But back to their blonde shampoo and conditioner. I started using them because I felt like I wanted my blonde to be a little more golden and white then it was and y'all it did wonders. I'm not kidding after 2 or 3 washes I noticed how much blonder my hair was and that's when I decided to order the conditioner to go along with the shampoo. This is a purple conditioner I will say is definitely worth it because I think it works perfectly alongside the shampoo and does an even better job of brightening up your locks! Also, neither one leaves my hair feeling dry, which is crucial for me! It is more in that middle price range, but as I mentioned earlier you won't be using it every day, so it is going to last a lot longer than your regular stuff! I could keep bragging about this one, but I'll stop here and say it's currently my go to! 

I hope my roundup helped you find a purple shampoo if you were in need of one and got you excited to keep your hair from going brassy! I would love to hear about any other ones yall have tried so feel free to comment on your suggestions! Also, share your success stories if you give any of these a try! I'm counting down the hours till I hope on my flight Saturday to visit my favorite people in the whole world (you can go to my insta story highlights to see who they are because yes they get their very own highlight section), but for now I've got to get back to the life of a 23-year-old college student and take a stats quiz! Happy Thursday my loves!

XO Sum